Tealeaf CX

Capture and manage visitor interactions on your web sites

IBM® Tealeaf® CX captures and manages visitor interactions on a customer’s web site. It provides extensive visibility into customers’ online experiences and insight into customer behaviors within web browsers. The Tealeaf CX platform can be used throughout an organization to support a range of functions, including e-business, production support, customer service and compliance administration.

Tealeaf CX features enable you to:

  • Capture detailed network traffic passively with no impact on site performance.
  • Provide extensive visibility into customer interactions on web sites, including in-page and Rich Internet Application (RIA) interactions that occur solely in the browser.
  • Discover unexpected customer experiences and discover customer struggles in near real time.
  • Take advantage of time-tested architecture that can scale to fit large, sophisticated web sites.
  • Deliver data security and privacy functions that include global data destruction, authenticated client access and role-based filtering.