CEM and digital inteligence


Tealeaf Customer Experience Management solutions provide critical visibility, insight, and answers for companies that must improve online conversion and customer retention objectives. Our solutions optimize e-business by eliminating obstacles that block successful conversions or transactions. Customer Experience Management's deep insights enable companies to answer the most compelling, yet difficult questions that plague e-business executives:

Our solutions also seamlessly integrate with business applications such as Customer Relationship Management, data analytics or web analytics to provide comprehensive and quantifiable analyses, further enhancing and improving the digital experience for customers.

Tealeaf Customer Behavior Analysis

Optimize digital channels by visualizing all web and mobile interactions

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Tealeaf Customer Experience Integrations

Deliver seamless integration with Business Applications for comprehensive analysis and management of digital or online user experiences.

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Tealeaf Customer Service Optimization

Give call centers visibility and insight into online user sessions The IBM® Customer Service

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Tealeaf CX/CX Mobile

Capture and manage visitor interactions on your web sites

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